Oline Lande  ‎(I23)‎
Given Names: Oline
Surname: Lande
Married Name: Egge

Gender: FemaleFemale

Death: 1887 Egge Orskog pr Aulesund, Norway
Personal Facts and Details
Death 1887 Egge Orskog pr Aulesund, Norway

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Immediate Family  (F8)
Bastian Egge
Jens Andrew Egge
1870 - 1928
John Egge
1875 - 1972
Sam Egge
- 1963
Karl Egge

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Close Relatives
Family with Bastian Egge
Bastian Egge ‎(I22)‎
Birth Ramstad, Norway
Oline Lande ‎(I23)‎
Death 1887 Egge Orskog pr Aulesund, Norway
Jens Andrew Egge ‎(I15)‎
Birth 30 May 1870 Egge Orskag pr Aulesund
Death 9 August 1928 ‎(Age 58)‎ North Prairie, Buxton, North Dakato
6 years
John Egge ‎(I26)‎
Birth 14 November 1875 Egge Orskog pr Aulesund, Norway
Death 1972 ‎(Age 96)‎ Traill, North Dakota, United States of America
Sam Egge ‎(I34)‎
Death April 1963 Spokane, Washington