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After losing my order, it looks like AT&T will finally be starting my ADSL service. I've called tech support multiple times and asked the provision center the following question: *What's my PPPoE username and password*

No one seemed to know, but after searching through the AT&T website for an hour, I finally found it in a PDF document. It's likely doesn't change often, so I'll post it here.


IN THIS FIELD   IF YOU                                       ENTER
PPPoE Username (Applies to everyone)               
PPPoE Password (Applies to everyone)                         attreg
                Reside in AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN 8
                Reside in any other state                    0
VCI             (Applies to everyone)                        35
NAT             Are using a router                           On
DHCP            Are using a router                           On