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SUPPLEMENTAL WEBSITE TERMS AND CONDITIONS Updated as of: 4/24/15 Welcome to the Disney Cruise Line Website (the “Site”). The Site is designed to enhance your sailing on the Disney Cruise Line, and provide a more immersive and personalized experience. The Site is your digital guide to the magic of exciting benefits and features that the Cruise Line has to offer. As we add more exciting features and make updates, you can go to the Help Center of the Site for more information and frequently asked questions, which will continue to be updated as these features become available. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY. These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern your use of the Site. By using the Site or by clicking a box that states that you accept or agree to these Terms, you signify your agreement to the these Terms for yourself and for all persons (including minors) for whom you are purchasing or otherwise securing benefits and/or managing a Site account (your “Party”). You represent that you have all necessary rights and consents to agree to these Terms on behalf of your Party. If you do not agree

  to these Terms, you may not use the Site. These Terms apply in addition to, and not in lieu of, the Disney Interactive Terms of Use. In the event these Terms directly conflict with the applicable foregoing Disney Interactive Terms of Use, these Terms will prevail.

SITE REGISTRATION AND TRAVEL AGENTS To access certain features of the Site, you will need to be signed in to your Disney account. Many features and functions on the Site are only available to guests 18 and over. Guests 13-17 may register and access certain features of the Site. Children under 13 are not currently permitted to register on the Site. If you are a travel agent, you agree: (1) to set up separate Site accounts for business and personal use, each with a different email address, (2) when conducting travel agent services through the Site, you are the cardholder for any credit card saved to your profile and you will not save a client’s credit card account information to any of your Site accounts. FAMILY AND FRIENDS The Family and Friends feature allows you to book your cruise with your family and friends. To use this feature, you will need to sign in to your Site account. When a family member or friend accepts your invitation, that person can see: your full name, your character photo, and the first and last names and character photos of those on your family and friends list (at your option – you can elect to keep this private). Family and friends who are on your reservation will also be able to view your reservation information, and if they are 18 years or older, can view the remaining balance and make a payment. You can change these settings at any time. You can create a profile for a family member or friend who does not have his or her own Site account. You are not creating a Site account for that person, but you are providing information about that guest in order to add him or her to your family and friends list so that you can book a cruise on that person’s behalf. We refer to those guests as “Managed Friends”. The names of guests you identify as part of your Party when booking a cruise through the Site are automatically added to your account as Managed Friends. You may remove family or friends, other than Managed Friends, from your account at any time. You can also remove Managed Friends from your account as long as they do not have any plans associated with them. If you create your own Site account and connect with someone who used to manage you as a Managed Friend, bookings that person previously planned for you will be added to your itinerary, and the family and friends they approved to connect with you will be added to your family and friends list. If someone you’ve booked for as a Managed Friend has their own Site account, you can invite them to connect with you so that all of the bookings you have purchased and planned for them will be associated with their Site account, and you will no longer control their family and friends list or profile. You acknowledge that by sending and/or accepting an invitation to become a family or friend, you authorize that family or friend to plan and modify activities for you, without notice to you. We are not liable or responsible for the conduct of the family or friends you choose to connect with on the Site (including travel agents), including their planning or modifying activities on your behalf, or for a family or friend’s use of any information you choose to share with the family or friend (including travel agents). LINK AN EXISTING RESERVATION When available, you may use the “Link Staterooms” feature to link another existing Cruise reservation with your own Cruise reservation on your Site account. To link your reservations, you must be logged into your Site account. You must be 18 years of age or older to link Cruise reservations. Certain reservations booked online may automatically appear in your Site account; however, your reservation information might not appear immediately after booking. If your reservation information does not appear within 24 hours of booking, then you may use this