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I decided to add a badge to the wiki. I use [] to keep track of my bookmarks, and I thought it might be useful to help tag some of the content on the wiki. Initially, I thought about just adding a link, but then I decided it would be cool if you could you could see what tags had been assigned to a page, and if anyone else had bookmarked it.

I first looked at' API, and then I found their badge. Maybe later I'll switch to using the API so the page can load quicker, and cache the information.

I started by taking a look at [tagometer] on' website. Next I wanted to figure out how to add this to MediaWiki. I found a [guide to adding Google AdSense to a MediaWiki]. Since I wanted about the same thing with my badge, I figured this was a good place to start.

Adding it worked fine, but it wasn't formatted correctly. I found [this guide] and [this guide] to help me figure out how to customize the badge. I used [Firebug] to get the css just right.