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512MB Slice

I've upgraded my slice to 512 megs. This was out of frustration that I couldn't get ruby gems to update, and my desire to speed up the website. The gems problem would have fixed itself once the update completed, but a bug several version ago required a huge amount of memory to do an update.

Initially my slice didn't get any faster, requiring me to decide how to spend the next 256MB of ram. The biggest improvement has come from increasing my spare apache workers.

You can see literally a three times increase in speed on when I did this. After running a test I have about 21 workers running. Here's my current Apache config:

<IfModule mpm_prefork_module>
    StartServers          5
    MinSpareServers       5
    MaxSpareServers      20
    MaxClients           40
    MaxRequestsPerChild 400

Switch to Slicehost (July 2008)

I've finally moved off from my shared hosting provider to a VPS. I'm using Slicehost and couldn't be happier. I'm paying $20 a month for VPS with 256MB and 10GB of storage. I do miss some of what cPanel had to offer, but I'm learning how to do the same sorts of things as what cPanel does for you.

Features which I've setup
Feature Shared Ubuntu VPS !
Apache2 / Php Yes, but only a very restrictive Php was allowed to run Latest Apache, full Php
MySQL Yes - limited to 20 databases Had to modify MySQL to run with less memory
Awstats Works well it took a bit to get setup, but it's working now. I had to install cronlog, as well as schedule the update to run. Also, []
mailman installed It'll be quite a bit of work to get mailman installed for just a couple of mailing lists. Mailman was taking up too much memory, so I disabled it.
an MTA worked, but not configurable installed postfix, courier-imap-ssl, saslauth - a real pain, but I have what I want. IMAP with SSL only, courier with SPF check
phpmyadmin worked fine, restricted to your own databases works, shows all databases, I need to remember my root db password though (r).


I had to create a couple of tiny scripts. The first to process my historical log files, and the second to run all configs by cron.



I enabled the rss module, which seemed to work, but I started getting all sorts of 500 errors from Google.


To fix this, I edited gallery/modules/rss/classes/RssGenerator.class and disabled the check for comments.

    if (false || isset($item['comments'])) {
        $data .= ' <comments>' . GalleryUtilities::markup($item['comments']) .
           '</comments>' . $lf;


I've had my server run out of memory a few times since setting up mail services. I've installed [Munin] to help monitor server performance.

Google Webmaster Tools Performance