Comcast vs AT&T U verse

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Here in Ridgefield, Connecticut I've switched from Comcast to AT&T DSL to AT&T U-Verse. I am thrilled to have AT&T U-Verse during the power outage! Comcast doesn't keep their substations on backup power, so when the grid goes out you lose internet. AT&T has the high reliability one expects of a phone company. If you have their voice product, they even give you a backup battery for your home. I'm glad I don't have to go a week without internet again.

Also, AT&T reconnects to the internet much better than Comcast did. It seems if you power cycle your cable modem, then it takes a while before Comcast will allow it back on the network (15 minutes or so). With AT&T, by the time my computer has booted up, I'm back online.