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I've spend the past week attempting to recompile gettext 0.17 for Solaris 10 x86. I've had this compiled before, but I decided to recompile it with gcc 4.3.0, and include a runtime PATH in the binaries.

We'll here's the magic configure line which finally got it to work:

<geshi lang="bash"> gmake distclean && ./configure --prefix=/app/retailtools --disable-nls --enable-static=no --without-libncurses-prefix --disable-openmp gmake && gmake test </geshi>

Now I'm off to solve this problem with WebNFS: <geshi lang="bash">

  1. truss man man

... ioctl(3, TCGETA, 0x08047344) Err#25 ENOTTY read(3, " #\n # D e f a u l t ".., 8192) = 608 llseek(3, 0, SEEK_CUR) = 608 close(3) = 0 getcwd(0x080698F0, 1025) Err#2 ENOENT </geshi>