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Switch between header and source file

A simple way to manually switch between headers and sources is by using the %< built-in variable, that resolves to the file name without extension. To switch from a header to a source you can do:

 :e %<.c


 :split %<.c

if you want to open it in a new "window". From Vim Wiki

Install color scheme

<geshi lang="bash"> mkdir -p ~/.vim/colors cd ~/.vim/colors/ wget echo "colorscheme darkslategray" >> ~/.vimrc </geshi>

View tab characters in a file

One easy way is ":set list". It also shows other control characters, including the line ending. Turn it off with ":set nolist".

Paste text without reformat

When I paste code into vim, often it's already formatted. To avoid double formatting, I type ":set paste" before pasting my text.