Josephine Egge, 1906

Josephine /Egge/
Given names
Also known as
Josephine /Horvick/
1906 35 31
Death of a maternal grandmother
January 30, 1911 (aged 5 years)
Death of a maternal grandfather
Birth of a brother
Death of a father
Cause: Result of injuries in binder mishap
Note: Newspaper obituary:

Newspaper obituary:

North Prairie, Buxton, was the scene of one of the largest funerals ever held in that community on Sunday, Augest 12th. Upwards if 800 people were then gathered to follow the remains of Jens Egge to his final resting place.

Mr. Egge died as the result of injuries receivedin on accident with his binder while harvesting on his own farm at North Prairie. He had just repaired the binder driven by his son which was directly ahead of his and upon starting of that binder the horses attached to his own became frightened and started up. Failing in an attempt to halt them he was caught by the sickle of the binder and wounded badly especially around the legs. He was rushed to the hospital in Mayville and given medical aid but in spute of all efforts to save his life, he died a half an hour later of shock and wounds received.

Note: From "A little History of Jens Egge":

From "A little History of Jens Egge":

The last day he lived, he and Elias a young boy then, were harvesting wheat on the South eighty they had 2 binders with horses on each, and the boy drove first and some little thing out of order, so the boy stopped and his dad went up to see what was the matter and when they had fixed the boy started up driving and the horses behind started up too, before Jens could get back to get the lines. So been lively horses the just went are, so the meal of the binders caught Jens and ???? him off the platform and there he ?????? the teams caught up with the other binder, but then he was cut quite bad, so the boy got the horses tied up, and they had the
So the boy took him into the Hospital in Mayville and got hold of Dr. Odegard and did what he could for him but he was bleeding inside so he couldn't stop it. So the boy drove home to tell the folks about it, and while Dr. Odegard was with him there, Jens started to talk to the Lord, and he said: is this the way you are going take me home to thee?
He said in Norwegian but Dr. Odegard understood it all, so that way he slept in without any strugle, so a little later when the folks came in he had slept in and, and Dr. Odegard told the family all what he had said to the Lord.

Death of a brother
Cause: Pneumonia
Note: Died in Portland, Oregon, but burried in North Dakota.
Death of a mother
Death of a brother
Family with parents
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Birth: May 30, 1870 Egge Orskag pr Aulesund
Death: August 9, 1928North Prairie, Buxton, North Dakato
Religious marriage Religious marriageDecember 7, 1895
17 years
younger brother
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Birth: November 26, 1912 42 38 Buxton, North Dakota
Death: May 9, 1997Duluth, Minnesota
elder brother
Birth: October 4, 1898 28 24 Wold township, Traill County, North Dakota
Death: April 1936North Prairie, Buxton, North Dakota
-11 months
elder sister