Smart Air Freshener

My wife asked for us to have an air freshener installed in the bathroom. I don’t like the plug in types, even if they don’t burn your house down. At my office we have air fresheners which run on a schedule, or maybe run 24×7, but seem to spray every fifteen minutes. I found a model on Amazon which was similar:

SVAVO Automatic LCD Fragrance Dispenser

This would probably work OK an in office, where you program it 9-5 M-F, but at home the schedule is not so easy. For one, we don’t want it going off when we’re asleep or not home. That’s trivial to set up a home automation to do that, but I could find no air fresheners which would connect to SmartThings.

I decided to order the device and hack the motor to be controlled via SmartThings. Opening the device up, I found it ran on 3.2v via 2 AA batteries and had a simple PCB with two wires for the battery and two for the PCB. The PCB even had pads which I assume one could reprogram the controller. If the controller had a radio, my approach my have been to try to hack it. However, I assumed it didn’t, so I unsoldered the green(-) and yellow(+) wires from the motor.

It’s difficult to have a wifi device connected via batteries, so I decided I’d convert the device to run off of 5V micro-usb. This was easily powered via an ethernet cable and POE adaptor dropped down from my attic.

Wemos D1 Mini inside battery cabinet

Fortunately, the battery compartment had a generous amount of space. I decided to use the Wemos D1 Mini because of its small size and I flashed the Konnected firmware on. Using Konnected allowed for quick integration into SmartThings.

Once I had the software / hardware working, I mounted it on the wall. Because SmartThings has connections to Alexa and Google home, it was easy to get the voice assistants to activate the air freshener as well.

I created a basic piston to run it once an hour when my wife is home and not asleep. I also setup a routing to run it once when she first arrives home.

The Final Product!

Parts List:

I spent $35.97 on the air freshener and sprays, $21.64 on the parts for a total of $57.61. Most of the cost was my POE power supply and adaptor.

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